SnapChing services are designed to know Customers that are BROWSING in your store!

A Merchant's most valuable asset is its Customers. Without Customers, there is no Business. With the e-commerce threat, local Merchants have LOST their ability to manage their Customers effectively and efficiently to provide personalized services. SnapChing has a strategy to enable the Merchants to establish a personalized relationship with a Customer once again. This age-old problem is now solved!

Customer knowledge is a significant benefit for Merchants from two perspectives:

browsing statistics
browsing statistics
  • Participation

    If a Merchant wants to have a relationship with a Customer, the Merchant must be able to interact with them while in the store. Often loyalty programs capture Customer data at the point of sale, but that is a Customer who has already decided to purchase. What about those that are browsing? SnapChing can capture Customer information quickly and efficiently while recognizing what they might be interested in.

    browsing statistics
  • browsing statistics

    Effective Use Of Marketing Dollars

    Merchants' marketing initiatives must have a return on investment (ROI). Traditionally, discounts are offered to accelerate buying decisions and increase sales. How can a Merchant track the impact of a deal? SnapChing can help with this as well.


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